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Hard Out - Skateboarders Fight the Aliens
Two teenage skateboarders, Jeff and Noodle, are the only ones in their peaceful town of Middledon who realise that the weird strangers from Neo Corporation are actually aliens. Jeff and Noodle do their utmost to prevent the aliens, led by the scheming Astrid and the bumbling Brian, from destroying their beloved skatepark and taking over the town. However, the Neos use powerful mind control techniques to convert the people of Middledon into the citizens of Arohadale, with its flash townhouses, mega-mall and artificial beach. Jeff and Noodle, who cannot be brainwashed due to the power of their imaginations, try in their own unique way to thwart the Neoís plots. They break into Neo HQ, but get carted away in the rubbish; chain themselves to the skate ramp, but get in the way of the bulldozers; try to insert anti-Neo subliminal messages into a TV advert; rub themselves in chicken fat to bulk up to play cage rugby and knock out their hulking opponents with the power of the pong. They are heroes, despite themselves.

Fast-moving, funny and action-packed, Hard Out is a comedy drama made for teenagers and those who can remember what it was like to feel that it was you against the world, and you are the only one who can see the truth. Itís in the tradition of Dumb and Dumber, Freaks & Geeks and Malcolm in the Middle with elements of The Simpsons.