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Episode 1

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Aliens have landed in suburban New Zealand. Well, thatís what Jeff and Noodle think when the freaky Neo Corporation arrives in Middledon with plans to waste their beloved skate park.


Episode 2

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: When Jeff and Noodle try to break into the Neo Corporation headquarters, Noodle finds himself in a real mess and Jeffís teetering on the edge.


Episode 3

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Jeff is enchanted by Astridís charms as she gets close enough to implant a fibre optic controller in his brain. Noodle comes to the rescue, but the boys are horrified to discover Jeff canít skate any more.


Episode 4

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Jeff and Noodle chain themselves to the skate ramp as a last-ditch effort to save it, but no one can see them as the bulldozers bear down on them. Hard out!

Episode 5

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Jeff and Noodle wake up in a strange place, and think they are dead. However, they are just in the new, improved Middledon Ė now known as Arohadale. Meanwhile, Astrid plots to get the boys out of her way for good.


Episode 6

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Jeff wins the Neo Future Stars competition, but gets too big for his boots when the Neos groom him as a pop megastar. When Noodle tries to save his mate, things go horribly wrong, as usual.


Episode 7

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: After his accident, Jeff is in Wellness World, the freaky Neo hospital, where Brian experiments on his brain, and makes an astonishing discovery.


Episode 8

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: When Jeff and Noodle try to insert anti-Neo messages into a new TV advert starring the sexy Anahera and Astrid, jealous, accessorises her body as Volleybabe, the shoot is chaos.


Episode 9

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Jeff and Noodle eat heaps and rub chicken fat onto their skin in a desperate attempt to bulk up to play cage rugby, but when they see the size of the hulks they are up against . . .


Episode 10

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Playing in a TV reality show, Neo Saliva, Astridís latest mind control game, Jeff and Noodle are in big trouble when the pretend spears in the jungle fight turn out to be real.


Episode 11

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: when Gran is arrested as an unfit care-giver, Jeff and Noodle convince Brian, who has now become a social worker, to let her off the hook. But Astrid gets her hooks back into Jeff.


Episode 12

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Brian tells Jeff the reason he and Noodle are not brainwashed is because they have powerful imaginations but just as Brian is about to reveal the aliensí big plan, the world stops.


Episode 13

Skateboarders Fight the Aliens: Jeff and Noodle discover the real secret of the town, the spaceship and the aliens and even find their stolen skateboards, but are they too late?