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The Writers

The Writers: David Geary & Deborah Wilton

David Geary is the playwright of the popular and critically acclaimed
plays Pack Of Girls, The Learner's Stand, and Lovelock's Dream Run. A graduate of Toi Whakaari NZ Drama School, he is a professional actor who has appeared in such shows as Shark In The Park, Hercules, Xena and Shortland Street, for which he also wrote and storylined. His other television credits include the documentary The Smell Of Money, and he has written and storylined for Jacksons Wharf and Mercy Peak. His first book of fiction, "Appropriate Touching", will be published by Victoria University Press in 2003. David owns skate shoes and is very good on a skateboard on carpet.

Deborah Wilton was born in Auckland and grew up in both New Zealand and Canada, which explains her accent. Originally a fiction writer, she has
worked in both film and television since the early 1990s in a variety of
roles, including development executive, project assessor, and consultant.
Her primary role, however, has been as script writer and script editor on a number of New Zealand series, including Shortland Street and Jacksons Wharf. Her happy union with Screenworks began in the early days of Street Legal, and continued through two series of the show, for which she both wrote, and served as story editor. Devising and writing Hard Out was a wild and crazy ride, but in the process Deborah discovered her inner 12 year old boy.

David and Deborah united as more than writing partners in 2001, when they
got married. This development brought a whole new dimension to script
meetings for Hard Out. Perhaps surprisingly, they are still very happily
married. They are currently on a globe-trotting odyssey and both writing
novels. Neither of them have ponytails.