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Orange Roughies Series II

  Episode Eight

Problems between Jane and Danny erupt when Danny's girlfriend, Chloe, turns up on the run from corrupt police in Melbourne.  Jane attempts to help Chloe escape a known hit man but it ends in tragedy.

  Episode Nine

In a move that will put him offside with the New Zealand Police, Danny breaks ranks with the Roughies to seek vengeance for Jane.  The search takes Danny deep into the Melbourne underworld where he not only finds the hitman, but uncovers the truth about Chloe's involvement with the Melbourne drug squad...

  Episode Ten

Busting a major paua smuggling ring drags Danny and Noel up the coast - but Danny's thirst for revenge is putting the lives of his friends at risk.

  Episode Eleven


  Episode Twelve


  Episode Thirteen


  Episode Fourteen


  Episode Fifteen


  Episode Sixteen


  Episode Seventeen


  Episode Eighteen


  Episode Nineteen


  Episode Twenty