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The Writing Team behind Orange Roughies:

Scott McJorrow

Co-Devisor, brings a rare experience and realism to the world of Orange Roughies. He spent eight of ten years in covert roles within the New Zealand Police, working on cases ranging from terrorism and homicide to drug importation - and he's got the scars to prove it.  His specialist field was covert surveillance.

Rod Johns

Co-Devisor, has been a freelance writer and actor for ten years. He's raced motorcycles, skydived, and ran competitively – including marathons and ultra-distance. Having worked on and around the waterfront and in pubs and clubs he's also experienced life’s dark side while rubbing shoulders with seamen, prostitutes, transvestites, drug addicts, and notorious underworld figures.

Kirsten Warner

has been a professional writer, journalist, researcher, and writing teacher for more than 25 years, and she has worked extensively in television production.  She has written or contributed to ten non-fiction books.  Her fiction writing has won awards, been broadcast by National Radio and published in "Penguin 25 New Fiction".