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The Crew

Role                                                                Name                                                 

Executive Producers                                      Greg McGee, Chris Bailey

Producer                                                         Chris Hampson

Director Eps 1,2,6,7                                        Chris Bailey

Diretor Eps 3,4,5                                             John Laing

Line Producer                                                 Jane Lindsay

Writers                                                             Greg McGee, Scott McJorrow, Kirsten Warner, Rod Johns

Series Devised by                                           Scott McJorrow, Rod Johns

Casting                                                            Karen Newman, Irene Drake, Lynda Da Silva

1st Assistant Director Eps 1,2,6,7                   Mark Harlen

1st Assistant Director Eps 3,4,5                      Sarah Miln

2nd Assistant Director                                      Shane Warren

3rd Assistant Director                                      Deborah Johnson

Chaperone                                                      Jay Saussey

Production Co-Ordinator                                Sharron Jackson

Assistant Co-Ordinator                                   Ginny Leggett

Production Accountant                                   Vesta Lee

Production Runner                                          Adele Hing

Production Assistant                                       Alannagh Griffin

Location Managers                                         Sam McCauley,  Mike Holloway

Asst Location Manager                                   Scott McCauley

Location Assistant                                           Tom Jecks

Continuity                                                        Guy Strachan

Director of Photography                                 Fred Renata

Camera Operator                                           Ulric Raymond

Focus Pullers                                                  Henry West, Sam Bailey

Clapper Loader                                               John Renata

Stills Photographer                                          Jae Frew

Gaffer                                                             Trevor Stark

Best Boy                                                         Tony Lumsden                       

Lighting Assistant                                            Sam Clark

Generator Operator                                        Dave Sargison

Grip                                                                 Al Dunn

Sound Recordist                                             Aaron Davis

Boom Operator                                               Paul Currin

Production Designer                                       Brent Hargreaves

Art Directors                                                    Geoff Ellis, Patrick Walker

Art Department Co-Ordinator                         Marion White

Props Buyer                                                    Tim Robinson, Jessica Walsh

Set Dressers                                                   Paddy Handley, Sharon Ninness

Standby Props                                                Leonie May

Art Department Runner                                  Nick White

Costume Designer                                          Kiri Rainey

Costume Design Assistant                              Mitch Andrews

Standby Wardrobe                                          Kristin Seth

Costume Assistant                                          Anita Oram

Make-Up & Hair Designer                              Vanessa Hurley

Make-Up/Hair                                                 Carolyn Beaver

Make-Up Assistant                                         Lauren Steward

Unit Manager                                                  Marty Waite

Unit Assistant                                                  Al Ford

Caterers                                                          Flying Start

Armourer                                                         Gunner Ashford

Stunt Co-Ordinator                                         Peter Bell

Safety                                                             Lifeguard & Safety

Marine Co-Ordinator                                       Willy Heatley

Editor                                                               Bryan Shaw

Assistant Editor                                               Grant Kronfeld           

Composers                                                     Don McGlashan & Sean Donnelly

Post Production Supervisor                            Grant Baker

Colourist                                                          Paul Lear

On Line                                                           Brenton Cumberpatch

Supervising Sound Editor                               Steve Finnigan

Sound Mixers                                                  Tom Miskin

Dialogue/FX Editor                                          Carl Smith

Foley Artist                                                      Simon Riley

2nd Unit:  

Director                                                           John Laing

1st Assistant Director                                       Sarah Miln

2nd Assistant Director                                      Lynn Hargreaves

Director of Photography                                 Kevin Riley

Underwater Camera Operator                       Malcolm York

Focus                                                              Ben Rowsell

Camera Assist                                                Julia Green

Continuity                                                        Mary-Jayne Bethell

Gaffer                                                             Therese Mangos

Grip                                                                 Ben Bell

Sound Recordist                                             Dave Madigan

Art Director                                                     Patrick Walker

Make-Up                                                         Noeline White

Wardrobe                                                        Jo Webster

Unit Manager                                                  Trevor Brooks

Runner                                                            Hayley Buckland