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 About the Movie

Seymour Collins (Antony STARR) has come a long way. He's left his little country town

for life in the big city. He's studying law, enjoying life with his rich city girlfriend Moira

(Charmaine GUEST), and has just been offered a professional sporting contract.

Enter Tupper (Roy BILLING), Seymour's former coach. Tupper wants him to come home

to play in a historic game . the last ever match for the town side-lined by rural decline.

Back to Nowheresville? No way. Seymour's left that life far behind him.


Fate has other ideas. Seymour's fortunes take an unexpected nose-dive and he returns

home to lick his wounds and break the news to his mum (Liddy HOLLOWAY). He

specifically asks Moira not to follow him . she just wouldn't fit in.


Moira, as usual, does exactly as she pleases and follows him anyway. She discovers a

town barely alive. Industry has moved on and all that's left for the locals to believe in is

their local sporting heroes.


Tupper seizes the opportunity to get Seymour back on the team, which throws one of his

old schoolmate's plans into turmoil. Clean (Charles MESURE) sees a professional

contract as the only way out of Ngapuk . the only chance to make a decent life for him

and his family.


Ken (Robbie MAGASIVA) is chasing the same contract, refusing to let a dangerous

injury keep him off the field. Another injury could end his sporting career but if he doesn't

take the field, he as good as stuck in Ngapuk forever.


When Seymour takes Ken to the doctor for a check-up, Clean advances his plans to get

Seymour out of the picture by humiliating Moira. In the process he shames another team

stalwart Larry (Jon BRAZIER). This sets the scene for a brutal and frenzied finale to

Ngapukurau sporting history.


There's just one chance, one game, one opportunity for glory and three men are chasing

it. What transpires on the field will alter the course of their lives forever.