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“I never saw a perfect production of the play. The movie is much closer to the images I had in my head. I can’t wait to see how the audience reacts.”



Writer: Greg McGEE

Greg McGEE has experienced Rugby at the highest level. A two-time trialist for the All Black No. 8 position, McGEE believes leaving him out of the All Blacks was a brilliant decision by the selectors. “I got close enough to the dream to realise that it wasn’t what I thought it was. At that time the Rugby world was ultra-conservative and a

long-haired student would not have fitted in”.

Instead, McGEE became one of the first New Zealanders to play rugby in Italy. It was there that his enduring work Foreskins Lament was first conceived, then written and refined during playing and coaching stints in London and Washington DC. By the time he returned to New Zealand

in 1979, the play was all but finished. McGEE is quick to point out that Skin And Bone is not the

film version of the play. It is neither an update nor an adaptation. Instead he refers to asset-stripping the original. “I wanted to take certain elements and characters and put them in the era of professional rugby. I wanted to look at them through that prism and see how it worked.”

Another reason for not merely adapting the play was the sheer number of times he'd seen it since it's debut in 1980.

He believes that Skin and Bone will be a highlight of his career. right up there with the first time Foreskins Lament was workshopped at Victoria University. “People actually stood and clapped after the reading. It was unheard of. And it was at that moment that I thought “I’m a writer”

Another highlight was his award-winning drama Erebus: The Aftermath. “It was so brave of TVNZ to put that to air. The research nearly killed me but everything that’s come to light since has borne out the conclusions we reached”.


McGEE is currently engrossed in a long-nurtured project for screen that, he hopes, will come to fruition in 2004.


1993 US Writer's Guild

Foundation International

Screen and Television

Festival - Screen Writers

Award Marlin Bay

1992 New Zealand Film and

Television Awards . Best

Screenplay Old Scores

1988 New Zealand Film and

Television Awards . Best

Television Drama Writer

Erebus: The Aftermath

Best Play Foreskins



Skin and Bone, Crooked

Earth, Via Satellite, and

Old Scores.


Street Legal, Fallout,

Marlin Bay, Erebus: The

Aftermath, Greenstone,

Roche, and Cover Story.


Foreskin’s Lament, Tooth

and Claw, Out in the Cold,

White Men, and This Train

I’m On.