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The Perfect Partnership

When David Silesi first saw the 1944 Ford Jailbar, it was love at first sight.  A true classic - it fits it's owner to perfection.  Strong, solid, sturdy and dependable, there's a lot more to the Jailbar than meets the eye, as is the case with Silesi.  Both have been known to go completely off-track without a hint of warning. 

The Ford Jailbar may be the motor we've come to know and love but it wasn't David's Silesi's first set of wheels. The original car in the series was a kiwi classic - the Holden Ute.  Made to look like a boy racers dream, it certainly captured the attention of someone ... the car was stolen during the last day of filming on the pilot!  How disappointed the thief (or thieves) must have been to discover the car was more plastic and paint than mean racing machine.

The scenes from series 1 where Jay races the Ute were shot at the Champion Dragway in Meremere.

If you're interested in seeing more of the sport either head along or visit their web-site:  www.championdragway.co.nz.