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Jay Laga'aia plays David Silesi

David Silesi is an unconventional  lawyer. Ambitious, and hot-headed, he's a man with a passion for winning and he's not afraid to bend the rules to get a result..

He is the central character in STREET LEGAL and was specifically created with actor, Jay Laga'aia, in mind.  

David is a showman and loves the ‘performance’ of the courtroom. Never one to bury his head in a legal tome, he relies on his common touch to win over juries – he can be charming, persuasive and quick on his feet. If he’s a hero, it’s almost an accident, a consequence of following his heart.

This impulsive nature also governs David’s love life – and caused a major rift with colleague and ex-lover, Joni Collins. David still loves Joni but has lost her to his nemesis Kees Van Dam. The one thing he hasn't lost is hope.  If Joni shows the slightest bit of weakness, David will pounce.

" He still loves her, but he can bide his time now. David and Joni have become friends. I suppose the sobering aspect of it is that both of them have matured and they appreciate each other. From David’s point of view, he knows that she is still the one he loves. He still admires her and every day he still does things purely so that she can see that he is changing and becoming more of a mature person. He’s still the same crazy drop kick, but she understands him a lot more now. I think that’s because she’s walked the walk and she’s been burned couple of times and she understands that if you don’t stick your neck out you’re just going to be forever like a turtle in your shell."

Another of David’s passions is the Jailbar, his 44 Ford pickup. He likes to drive it, he loves to race it but he wouldn’t know one end of a spanner from the other.  When David's about to get into trouble, you can be sure his Jailbar makes sure he gets into it quickly.



David Silesi

Joni Collins
Kees Van Dam
James Peabody
Adie Saunders
Maddy McGuire
Matt Urlich

From the beginning everything David did was initiated emotionally and then he would turn around to the rest of the troops and go ‘save me’. But now David’s been able to use  his brains and go ‘alright, how can we deal with the situation?’ because it’s a reflection  on the company which is now his and Joni’s. And nine times out of ten it’s about making sure that his partner is mentally sound, because it doesn’t matter what he thinks of her husband, she’s going through trials and tribulations.

 As well he is trying to find money to keep the firm afloat, which he didn’t have to worry about before, and so it is interesting because he now speaks with a voice of authority".

-  Jay Laga'aia on how his character has developed