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Dwayne Cameron plays James Peabody

A straight A Student, James is no stranger to the law.  His father made his fortune out of other people's problems and expected James to follow in his footsteps.  James had other ideas.  Not content with hanging on his father's coat-tails, James wants to make his own way in the world.

After graduating from Law School, he'd been working in a cafe waiting for the right opportunity to come along.  In David he sees just the sort of lawyer he wants to be: passionate, committed and willing to go to any lengths for his client.

The first time you see James in this series is when the repo men are taking the couch out of the law office. Hes like this dog, like a terrier - really protective. He leaps up on the couch in almost an irrational protective way.

Hes the support guy. He wants to be loyal to the firm and to David. He is really deeply driven. His father is a lawyer - a real snooty tightarse - and he didn't want any part of that. He wanted to go off in his own direction and that meant carrying around a suitcase like Mr Bean carries around, dressing like Mr Bean. Even though this is a glamorous office - David wears a suit and Joni is very smart - hes not interested in what he looks like or what his clothes are like. Hes more concerned about the people in the cases he works on.



We didn't learn this in Law School.

-  James' catch-phrase