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Katherine Kennard plays Joni Collins

Joni Collins is a colleague of David Silesi’s at Wyeth and Associates. Her cool restrained English Rose quality is the very opposite of David’s braggadocio.  This worked well when they were lovers but now that they have to run the business between them, it creates a lot of conflict.

Joni has moved on emotionally since she and David were together.  She's now married to Kees and wrestling with  being in control of the firm.  She's more assured and more self-confident than she's ever been in her life yet David can still get under her skin like no-one else can.

"Joni is much more developed and secure and confident in her work. But her personal life is disturbed, it’s testing her as to how strong she is and how she can cope with dealing with the emotional side of being a woman while trying to be the hard-nosed lawyer that she chooses to be.  There’s also keeping the firm going - the fear of losing the firm was pretty scary - and she’s become a lot more gutsy and cutthroat and doesn’t have a problem in making decisions, but she’s still always making sure that she and David are partners. "

One constant through Joni’s emotional rollercoaster is her enduring friendship with Judge Adriana (Adie) Saunders. Adie has always been a rock to Joni - always there to lend both a kind ear and wise advice in times of need. However when Adie faces her own demons, the tables are turned.




She knows that if she wants to play this game she’s got to start taking risks. She’s still on the edge though, because of all her emotional troubles, and it doesn’t half put a weight on her when she’s really trying to swim in the deep end.

-  Katherine Kennard on Joni Collins