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Cal Wilson plays Yalena

We first met Yalena when Wyeth & Associates moves into new premises.  She's the landlord's daughter and the firm didn't get the lease if she didn't get the job.  Little did they know that Yalena would be the receptionist  from a parallel universe.  It's not that she's stupid or unaware, she simply has a different way of looking at life. 

People find it hard to relate to her as she has no concept of status - people are people as far as she's concerned so you'll never find her kow-towing to the boss.

Yalena, played by comedian Cal Wilson,  provides some much needed light relief in the office.  Not that she's a jokester.  It's her ability to see the bright side that makes her an invaluable part of the team despite her somewhat flaky reputation. She may cause occasional embarrassment with her inappropriate comments and ludicrous outfits, but she keeps all the members of Wyeth and Associates on their toes.

David Silesi and Yalena have an awkward relationship, perhaps because, as Wilson says: “I think he’s completely perplexed by her because she doesn’t seem to realise that he’s the boss. And I think to Yalena it’s her office and so she doesn’t really accord him the respect that he’s due. Because she lives in a slightly different plane, he seems completely peculiar to her as well. There’s a little bit of tension."



“She has quite a skewed perspective and perception of other people. I’d hate to employ her.”

-  Cal Wilson on Yalena