With over 30 years in the New Zealand television industry, BAILEY is regarded as one of the country's top producers and directors.  He has an international reputation for excellence and in 1986 directed New Zealand's first-ever international co-production: The Adventurer, produced with Thames Television and starring Temuera Morrison.

BAILEY directed forty of the fifty-four hours of ScreenWork’s immensely popular drama series Street Legal now seen on screens around the globe.

His numerous television credits include direction of Hard Out, Cover Story, Terry & The Gunrunners, Marlin Bay, City Life, and Greenstone.  In 1991 he won a New Zealand Film and Television Award for his direction of the series Gold, and many other productions, either directed or produced by him, have won various awards both at home and abroad.

For several years he was head of production at South Pacific Pictures, overseeing numerous co-productions with the UK, France, Australia, Canada and the US and garnering international awards for The Ray Bradbury Theatre and Kurt Vonnegut’s Monkey House: Fortitude.

He was also the original executive producer on New Zealand’s longest running drama, Shortland Street.

BAILEY’s early television credits include work as director on such New Zealand icons as Gloss, Mortimer’s Patch, and the cult children’s hit Under the Mountain, which ScreenWorks is currently developing as a feature film.


Greg McGee is one of New Zealand's most successful play and screenwriters. His enduring success, Foreskin's Lament, written in the 1970s, won best play award in 1981 and is still being performed in theatres throughout New Zealand.

He asset-stripped the play to form the basis of the ScreenWorks feature film Skin and Bone which he believes will be a highlight of his career—right up there with the first time Foreskins Lament was workshopped at Victoria University. “People actually stood and clapped after the reading. It was unheard of. And it was at that moment that I thought “I’m a writer”

Another highlight was his award-winning drama Erebus: The Aftermath. “It was so brave of TVNZ to put that to air. The research nearly killed me but everything that’s come to light since has borne out the conclusions we reached”.

McGEE is currently engrossed in a long-nurtured project for screen that, he hopes, will come to fruition in 2004.


1993 US Writer’s Guild Foundation International Screen and Television Festival - Screen Writers Award Marlin Bay

1992 New Zealand Film and Television Awards – Best Screenplay Old Scores

1988 New Zealand Film and Television Awards – Best Television Drama Writer Erebus: The Aftermath

1981 Best Play Foreskins Lament


Skin and Bone, Crooked Earth, Via Satellite, and Old Scores.   


Street Legal, Fallout, Marlin Bay, Erebus: The Aftermath, Greenstone, Roche, and Cover Story.


Foreskin’s Lament, Tooth and Claw, Out in the Cold, White Men, and This Train I’m On.


Chris HAMPSON’s career has spanned more than twenty-five years in most aspects of the New Zealand film and broadcast industries. He has produced numerous film and television projects, written for television, directed for theatre and acted on both stage and screen.

HAMPSON was an integral part of developing the New Zealand Film Commission's low budget feature scheme, ScreenVisioNZ.  He was Executive Producer for three of the six films: Via Satellite, Savage Honeymoon, and Scarfies.

Before turning to the screen HAMPSON was part of New Zealand’s literary scene: he started life as a publishing editor, later forming his own publishing company with poet Sam Hunt in the late 70s – their books included Hunt’s Drunkards Garden and Jan Kemp’s Diamonds and Gravel.

After scripting stints in radio, television and the Film Commission, HAMPSON produced (with Don Reynolds) the feature films Illustrious Energy and Arriving Tuesday before becoming Head of Development at South Pacific Pictures. He was Executive Producer for the first three years of the highly successful serial Shortland St; two series of the prime time drama Marlin Bay; the family drama serial Deepwater Haven and the mini-series Fallout.

In 1994 HAMPSON began a two-year project as producer of twenty-six hours of the prime-time drama series Coverstory. He has also produced the Sunday Theatre drama Share the Dream and a four-hour mini-series The Chosen.

Although ScreenWorks was originally formed to produce Street Legal, the company has also produced Hard Out, a high-energy children’s drama, and is now developing many new projects.  In addition, HAMPSON produced the short film Tick that opened the last New York Film Festival.


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