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Louise Wallace plays Adie Saunders

In the courtroom Judge Adriana Saunders can strike fear into even the most composed lawyer, but it is in her personal life that we see different dimensions to this complicated and vulnerable woman. 

Actor Louise Wallace, talks about how people perceive her character. "I think people are a bit daunted by her, and she can be a real cow. Not because she means to be, not because it's her personality, but because she's an authority figure and sometimes you have to be tough."

After losing her husband in a tragic shooting, she found herself in the awkward position of backing her daughter (the new owner of Wyeth & Associates) against David & Joni who wanted to buy the firm.  Whilst that has all been sorted out now, Adie's personal life is far from sorted.

“After her husband Peter was killed, she needed the work and the money and she stayed in her job as a judge.

“ The tables are turned completely when she thinks she can use the power of her position and bend the law to her advantage, but then someone more powerful manipulates her in a similar way and she realises how destructive it is.”




She develops a drinking problem and is in denial, thinking that she has everything totally in control. She has to face a lot of ethical and moral dilemmas and the flaws in her character come out for all to see."

-  Louise Wallace on Adie Saunders