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Ingrid Park plays Maddy McGuire

David got more than he bargained for when old Law School love, Maddy McGuire, arrived back into his life. She’s warm but fiesty, idealistic and impulsive – a match for David in every respect.

Maddy is a dedicated and committed mother and dropped out of Law School to raise her son Robbie, but now that her son is older  she has resolved to get her career back on track. She is the quintessential working class battler, looking to gain a better life for her and her family.

After much door-knocking she manages to find herself a job as a practising lawyer and proceeds to battle for truth and justice - well truth and justice as SHE sees it.  She may lack experience but with the kind of scrapes she gets herself into she won’t stay that way for long - some of her antics make David look careful and considered!

Early in series four, David Silesi abruptly breaks off his romantic relationship with Park’s character Maddy.

“He wasn’t too keen on the way that Maddy did business. He thought she was a little unethical working for the bad guys. That was the main thing, plus he still had a hankering for Joni.

“I think David wanted her to be more like him: a bit more of a vigilante. But at this stage she can’t afford to do that. She has to take the work that’s given to her, which happens to be defending people who maybe are not the nicest people in the world.

“She doesn’t really feel too compromised. She thinks that people who committed the crimes have got as much right to be defended as anyone else. That’s her job and she’ll do it. She doesn’t go home and cry at night because she’s done something immoral.



Maddy is warm, funny, spunky and everything I want to be. She is impetuous, cheeky and a pleasure to play. She may have a stubborn streak but it is from the bottom of her heart.”

-  Ingrid Park on Maddy McGuire